MCA Statement to the City's Climate Plan

Mississauga Climate Action (MCA) congratulates the City of Mississauga staff for their hard work, and dedication to developing the Climate Change Action Plan. MCA commends the action they are taking so that our community and municipality are in a strong position to make a difference and be prepared for climate change.

Mississauga could be a leader for the green shift happening throughout Canada and the world but we must invest and plan for a green future.

MCA reviewed the Plan in detail, and while it is a good first step, there is much more we can do. A strength from Mississauga’s Plan is its willingness to seek an active and meaningful partnership between the city and community. However, it does not meet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s target of net zero emissions by 2050.

MCA’s recommendation is to pass the Plan in December, but a five-year review is too long and should be expedited to a bi-annual review in order to adapt to and integrate new climate technology and solutions that reverse climate change. The climate emergency urgent and there is no time to lose.

There are ways you can communicate to the city that taking climate change is important to you; You can take the City of Mississauga’s Climate Action Survey here and you can share your thoughts on the 2020 municipal budget here.

Upcoming Important Event:

Wednesday, Dec. 4th , 9:30 a.m. – Mississauga City Hall – 300 City Centre Dr.

Mississauga City Council will vote on the Climate Change Action Plan and MCA will be in attendance to submit our deputation and recommendations for the Plan and next steps. We would like to fill the council chambers with members of the public who support the city taking urgent climate action. If you would like to join us, please wear green shirt & register on our Eventbrite page here.

If you cannot attend, email your city council member and the Mayor to ask them to adopt a Vision of Net Zero Emissions by 2050:

Mayor Bonnie Crombie mayor@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 1 - Stephen Dasko stephen.dasko@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 2 - Karen Ras karen.ras@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 3 - Chris Fonesca chris.fonseca@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 4 - John Kovac john.kovac@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 5 - Carolyn Parrish carolyn.parrish@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 6 - Ron Starr ron.starr@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 7 - Dipika Dameria dipika.damerla@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 8 - Matt Mahoney matt.mahoney@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 9 - Pat Saito pat.saito@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 10 - Sue McFadden Sue.McFadden@mississauga.ca

Councillor Ward 11 - George Carlson george.carlson@mississauga.ca

MCA continues to work towards a sustainable future for our community and children and will support the Climate Change Action Plan. We are encouraged by the smart and hardworking staff at Mississauga City Hall and we look forward to our continued friendship and collaboration.

Together, we will make a difference.